Friday, November 28, 2014

It's After Thanksgiving and Someone wants to Know How to Stop Drinking...Without AA meetings

It's Black Friday and I have multiple emails asking how to stop drinking without AA.

I am so glad you asked. "Lose The Booze, " is Margaret Gold's book that describes not just how to quit drinking without AA meetings but also provides the research behind why you should quit drinking some other way than by running to your nearest church basement for guilt and shame hour.

If you are shopping for sobriety rather than a GameBoy47, we suggest getting some up to date, research based information on what works and what, like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) does not, for most people.

You may find that losing the booze is as simple as identifying your problem drinking behaviors, going over some strategies, provided in the book, and moving forward. You may also find that you need more help, more tips, and more ideas for how to support your decision to quit drinking. AA doesn't work for many people and we'll bet that many of you reading this have already done 90 in 90 and listened to drunk-a-logs at meetings.

We're not against trying AA to quit drinking except that the research backed information says your chances of success stink. And, we completely disagree with the belief that you are some flawed creature fully defective, who needs to be accountable to a group and sponsor who aren't likely to stay sober, longterm, themselves.

So, quit drinking. Stop the madness. Read the "Lose The booze" book and start living your best sober life.

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