Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Staying Sober Through the Holidays: Enjoy the Season ... Without Falling into Drinking. In Paperback tomorrow

Northstar Ink is proud and pleased to announce that Margart Gold's newest book, Staying Sober Through the Holidays: Enjoy the Holidays without Falling back into Drinking, will join the current Kindle edition, and be available in paperback tomorrow.

The book is designed for those who are already sober and provides specific strategies for maintaining sobriety during the often perilous holiday season.

Early reviews of the book are glowing:

"This is a great book for anyone trying very hard not to drink during the holidays, or even for the spouse/ brother/ aunt etc of anyone that is trying not to drink.
It is very obvious that the author is speaking from a place of experience, and she shares several personal tips that have helped her.
I also liked this books take on AA, I have never really thought about it before, but the book basically says that AA does not work because it focuses on shaming and negatives. You sit in a dank, dark basement and constantly talk/ hear about the lowest times in your life. I actually really agree with that, and staying focused on the positives.
This book provides a lot of helpful tips on avoidance, and staying away from things that you associate with drinking. It is good, sound advice. The book also includes a short quiz and plenty of contact numbers you can call to receive help.
Overall a great read, very eye opening."

"This is a really helpful book which outlines real and practical strategies that make staying sober during the holiday season easier and empowering. The advice was very well explained, and easy to understand. I could see how it is definitely backed up by research and makes sense. This is a book that has definitely raised my confidence. Highly recommended."  

Buy a copy for yourself or as a nice sign of support to a friend or loved one who has built sobriety and might benefit from a little confidence boost to keep their commitment to staying booze free through the holidays.

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