Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New Book Teaches Readers How to Stop Drinking Without the Guilt or the Ordeal of a 12 Step Program

"Lose The Booze: the no-meetings guide to clearing up your drinking problem, for good" is available right now on Amazon’s Kindle platform. How does a smart, Fortune 500 company exec deal with a daily alcohol habit? Not too well. For Margaret Gold, a wife, mother of three kids and successful career woman in sales and marketing, alcohol had become a hindrance to her life, goals and self esteem. 

Regular alcohol intake has become a social disease of the 21st century, and Gold’s plan is for the 21st century. She doesn’t advocate the traditional guilt-ridden 12 step programs held in church basements. This isn’t a book for the powerless. Margaret is adamant that the methods she discovered and uses herself will help people reclaim their own lives.

Diet, exercise and how to deal with social triggers form part of the “Lose The Booze” program. Initial reviews are excellent: readers are happy that the book does not advocate a one size fits all methodology. Reviewers have pointed out that scientific analysis of the problem which Gold uses in her book is a more readily internalized process than traditional methods of willpower on its own.

The book is well written, in an informal style that doesn’t preach to its readers. Readers who feel they need some help with their alcohol intake, or who have family members in that position are encouraged to be proactive and follow the scientific program Gold has used to go from drinking on a daily basis to not having had a drink in over ten years.

“Lose The Booze: the no-meetings guide to clearing up your drinking problem, for good” is available now from Amazon. The Kindle-only distribution is set to expand and we can expect to hear more from Margaret Gold soon. The companion volume, "Staying Sober: Tips for Professional Road Warriors" is expected to arrive in bookstores and on Kindle later this Spring.

Northstar Ink is an independent publishing company known for offering an eclectic range of memoir, empowered self-help, non-fiction, business & marketing guides, and even the occasional quirky fiction volume. Northstar has expanded into the burgeoning e-book and Kindle market and has ambitious plans to add about forty books to the company catalog during 2014.  Northstar Ink may have joined the Kindle age but still judges titles by whether a good independent bookstore would put the new Northstar title on an end cap.

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